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New year, new challenges. We just created a space to enable better conversations. Join us and turn the learning of Wardley Mapping in a conversation journey.

The best way to learn about business and mapping is having conversations

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2024 Quarter 1 events

January 25thAdoption and usage of Wardley Mapping (Information here)
Joaquín Peña Fernández

Fall events

October 6th2º Taller para RRHH sobre IA (para personas que trabajan en Recursos Humanos) información.
Joaquín Peña Fernández
October 27thComo tomar decisiones de TI con los Mapas de Wardley información.
Joaquín Peña Fernández
November 10thHow to make IT decisions with Wardley Maps (info and registration here).
Johan Perssons, Philippe Guenet, Joaquín Peña Fernández
December 15th Beyond SWOT and OKRs, create Winning Strategies using Wardley Maps (recorded session).
Johan Perssons, Philippe Guenet

Link to Previous events (some of them have been recorded).