About the event

Purpose of the event

This event is organized to enable conversations around Wardley Maps in the context of the business.

The central word is the conversation and this only can happen if there is information in different directions.


We believe in the combination of the Wardley Maps main concepts:

Combined with some areas of the business:

With this vision, we are trying to combine people from business and mappers that have conversations around the same table.

How are we organizing the event?

Conversation guiders

Conversation what? “conversation guiders”, yep it is what you call “speakers”, but we are putting a lot of emphasis on the conversation and this will not happen if the person guiding the session just speak.

We are inviting people from the business, operations, etc. with some knowledge of Wardley Maps. Some of our conversation guiders are experienced mappers but not all of them. And it’s fine.


Participants are part of the conversation, by that reason we are giving them the opportunity of asking questions during the registration or later. We want their voice on the event and their questions on the table.

There will be specific sessions to attend these questions and enable conversations around specific topics the participants are willing to know.

Participants are more than attendees. We all attend virtual events and the majority of them we just consume what is being said.

We are trying to promote that you are not an attendant, but a participant. We hope the people joining us on May 19th are coming with questions, ideas, and a respectful challenging attitude that enable great conversations.

I have no knowledge of Wardley Maps, but am interested in learning.

This is great, we are having sessions and content to enable you learn the basis.

The event has not the purpose of training people, but to have conversations around business with Wardley Maps. If you have basic questions while challenging a map, ask, don’t be shy, we are going to answer them.

Live mapping sessions

Some of the sessions will be live mapping sessions where we will be building and discussing around a map.

Is the map important? No, the importance falls on the conversation around it.

Business Themes

We have defined some business themes and they are being the core of the activities we are willing to cover.

They do not cover the whole business spectrum, if you think other themes are interesting, let us know.

Join us, let’s have conversations around a map!

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