About Wardley Maps for Business Community

Wardley Maps for Business (WMfB) started as a event in September 2022. Now is turning into a community.

The problem we see

  1. The adoption of Wardley Mapping in the professional space is hard due to lack of mechanisms or enablers for them: framework, maturity model, classified trainings. Wardley Mapping is an emergent practice and it needs to evolve.
  2. The individual efforts done to elevate the “Wardley Mapping” brand are fine, but they are not enough. The recognition is spread but not capture by an organization / entity. The example of branding can be extended to other aspects as use cases, how to improve adoption, tools.
  3. The current communities focuses on the solo-mapper that is willing to map in private space and not to expose itself into the professional space.


  • WMfB is a professional space for people working as consultants and professionals using Wardley Mapping services as part of their portfolio.
  • It’s a auto-regulated organization: we are defining principles and mechanisms to define consensus about where the community should go.
  • Focus on specific challenges that consultants and professionals face when mapping in organizations.
  • Connect with each other, we find ways to collaborate and expand our impact in the professional space.
  • Advocacy and Promotion of Wardley Mapping.


The seed of this event resides in the combination of the Wardley Maps main concepts (black), combined with some areas of the business (blue). With that vision, we created this space to combine people from business and mappers that have conversations around the same table.

Wardley Mapping is an emergent practice

And this creates some problems when you are working with it.

Who are we?

  • We are people that expose ourselves in the professional space using Wardley Mapping as one of the tools of our toolbox.
  • We recognize the issues that mapping has.
  • And we believe in the cooperation to move forward towards a better future.

We have a wide range of interests and it’s great

We are a group with diverse purposes in a common space.

  • It enable better understanding of the context.
  • Accelerates the learning about how the competitive market is moving on.

What is the actual vision we foresee now?

  1. WMfB will create a gathering place for Wardley Mapping practitioners working in business contexts:
    1. to enable them to share challenges and provide mutual support
    2. to provide some kind of additional value to them (TBD), and
    3. to connect together the practitioner network and enable communication between them.
  2. Once it’s clear people are benefiting from the value of the network, then WMfB will direct that energy towards:
    1. building the “Wardley Mapping” brand and reputation,
    2. accelerating the evolution of Wardley Mapping itself so appropriate parts of the practice become repeatable and compatible with standardization,
    3. work on specific experiments where small sub-groups test the water and turn hypothesis in to action, get feedback and do new experiments.
  3. Once Wardley Mapping demand and adoption in the private sector reaches a key threshold, WMfB will unveil good standards of practice, a good set of use cases, a code of ethics, etc. to stabilize and increase supply of Wardley Mapping labor.

What are the concrete spaces that could make sense?

That’s a valid question which we do not have answer. We identify some niches as:

  • Strategy Executives and Directors.
  • Product Managers.
  • Business Development and Market Research Professionals.
  • CTOs and Technical Architects.
  • Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Sales / Marketing.
  • Business Unit leads (HR, procurement, engineering, legal…).

But we are not sure what are the interests that people really have, and that’s the reason we are doing experiments in terms of events and focused trainings.

How are we organizing the community?

We have several ideas,

  • Continuation of the events: opened events and closed events for members of the community. Wardley mapping is an emergent practice and it still need to growth and expand. Working together that expansion and learning loops can be faster.
    • We can have opened between all members of the community or private spaces for other type of conversations.
    • Increase the catalog of use cases.
    • Organize and coordinate events to increase the base of mappers across the world: there are many individual efforts, but done in a coordinated way should be more efficient.
  • Collective intelligence workshops: creation of specific workshops around topics interesting for being discussed in deep.
  • Collaborate in areas of professional space.
  • Serve as reference in the business space.
  • Creation of an space where:
    • We can have opened between all members of the community or private spaces for other type of conversations.
    • Increase the catalog of use cases.
    • Organize and coordinate events to increase the base of mappers across the world: there are many individual efforts, but done in a coordinated way should be more efficient.
    • Support each other on concrete problems they are having and try to provide support to them.

We have several ideas, but we are not closed to them, if you would like to add something, let us know: hello@wardleymapsforbusiness.com

I’m busy, what does it suppose to me?

In terms of the equation “effort + investment + temporal frame:

  • The effort should be low, with strong concentration on key areas (we all are busy with other priorities: the right priorities).
  • Investment: low, we have to be creative, talk to each other and wait till there are enough indication that the window of opportunity is coming.
  • Temporal window, the evolution of Wardley Mapping practice will take time, it’s difficult to forecast what will happen and more difficult to forecast when. The question is to plant the right seeds, listen others, evolve, and collaborate on activities that are common to all (branding, events, promotion, etc.).

Does this sound interesting?

Please write us to: hello@wardleymapsforbusiness.com with the subject “I want to know more about WMfB community”



  • Step 1 : socialize the vision and mission (June – July)
  • Step 2: build the concept and a value proposition (June -July)
  • Step 3: send a formal invitation & fund the community (august)
  • Step 4: Kick-off (September).

2023 – Q4 = work on it: launch first set of activities & experiments.

Comments received during the talks with people who showed interest

  • I want to be with other people that are really exposing themselves using the maps.
  • I would like to talk to other product managers.
  • 90% of people just want to draw easy maps for communication purposes, we have to make the adoption easier.
  • I do not believe in standardization, this is still an emergent practice, we still need to explore a lot.
  • I cannot offer too much time but I’m in, you have my money.
  • My interest is to improve the adoption on the people that want to read and draw maps.
  • I would like to to unite forces for building branding and have sense of belonging.
  • I want to help start-up founders to communicate better with investors using maps.
  • At the moment I am working on a better combination of DDD Context Mapping and Wardley Mapping, maybe there are some interested people from the software development community.
  • Are there other CTOs? I mean real CTOs… If so, I would like to talk to to them in a private space.
  • We have to learn from previous attempts.
  • We have to invest in branding.
  • My interest is to build training courses for advanced mappers, but we need more base of mappers before that type of service could have a single customer.
  • We need to increase the base of mappers.
  • We have to coordinate to expand the brand and be recognized. Look at things as Team Topologies, they are doing great.
  • Building a profitable community around Wardley Maps involves more than just gathering a group of interested individuals. It requires a clear, well-defined focus and a compelling value proposition. Without these elements, the community risks becoming like a ship without a compass, aimlessly drifting in the sea of countless other communities.
  • Our primary focus should be to construct a community for those who are actively leveraging Wardley Maps for financial gain.
  • A community that tries to cater to all needs often ends up meeting none.
  • The value we offer should be clear, relevant, and consistently delivered. We aim to cultivate a community that promises and delivers increased profitability to its members.
  • Strengthening our collective capabilities and setting standards, we promote mutual growth.