• The formal event starts at 13.00 CET (Central European Time).
  • To enter in each room you have to enter your name as guest.
  • The event will be hosted by “Cloud Presenter” (links to the rooms will be added soon).

This is the agenda for the event:

Before the event

If you are new in Wardley Mapping, visit this page for resources to help you.

12:00How Wardley Maps integrates different strategy approaches by Holger Gelhausen (room: Warschau)

The event agenda

13:00Opening Event
Wardley Maps for Business with Simon Wardley (Twitter ) and David Anderson (Twitter ); moderated by Joaquín.
14:00Session 1 (room: London).
Strategy for Self by Philippe Guenet. Link to a template used during the session.

Session 2 (room: Barcelona)
Understanding and unlocking inertia in a Fintech company by Aleix Morgadas.

Session 3 (room: Warschau)
Lessons learned after 6 years Consulting with #WardleyMaps by Holger Gelhausen.
15:00Session 1 (room: Basel):
Live session: Understanding and unlocking inertia in a public bids by Stephan Sutter.

Session 2 (room: Paris)
Leadership by Erik Schön.

Session 3 (room: Pretoria)
Strategy and Flow by Johan Persson.

Session 4 (room: Sevilla)
Competitive analysis, track evolution and gameplays in a competitive landscape by Joaquín Peña Fernández
16:00Session 1 (room: Kairo)
Ideal Present Wardley Mapping by Ben Mosior.

Session 2 (room: Rome)
Externalities by Jakob Jochmann.

Session 3 (room: London)
Live Mapping workshop – The State of Agile by Philippe Guenet.
17:00Session 1 (room: New Delhi)
How the new generation of AI solutions is going to impact the trust on our business by Manish Andankar.

Session 2 (room: San Francisco)
Live session: strategic rehearsal with Wardley Maps by Chris Butler.

Session 3 (room: Montreal)
Maps: a better way to organise by Steve Purkis.
PostponedPostponed to June 2nd (room: Tokio)
Invisible design decisions at platform level that enable businesses to thrive by Pablo Bermejo.


Do I have a technical problem?

Be in touch with one of the organizers (take into account they are presenting too 🙂 )

  • 14.00 to 15.00: Joaquín, Johan, Manish
  • 15.00 to 16.00: Holger, Manish
  • 16.00 to 17.00: Holger, Joaquín, Johan, Manish
  • 17.00 to 18.00: Holger, Johan, Manish


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