Ben Mosior

Who is Ben?

Ben teachs Wardley Mapping, he helps people learn how to use it in unorthodox ways. Learn more at

More generally, Ben is your friendly neighborhood methodology whisperer, developing innovative methods into everyday tools.

His session during the event

Ben is gonna open the conversation talking about the Ideal Present Wardley Mapping.

We’ve got a thing against annual planning, and we position the Ideal Present as a better option (event driven). The steps in the Ideal Present could be expressed in a map.

This session will seek to shed some light on the following questions:

  • How can we use maps to think about the way things are vs the way they ought to be?
  • How can we identify what to do when the future feels so far away?
  • How can we avoid common traps of strategic planning with our maps?

Might be fun? yes, it’s going to be fun!

You can register to the event here:

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