Code of Conduct

1.- Introduction

This Code of Conduct outlines our standards and expectations for all members participating in Wardley Maps for Business Community. Our community’s strength lies in collaboration, respect, and the shared pursuit of knowledge. This Code applies to all forms of interaction within our community, including meetings, conferences, online discussions, mapping sessions and collaborative research and writing.

2.- Our Values

  1. Respect: We value the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of all members and expect respectful communication at all times.
  2. Inclusivity: Our community thrives on inclusivity, welcoming members from all backgrounds and levels of experience.
  3. Collaboration: We believe in the power of collective effort and encourage open sharing of ideas and knowledge.
  4. Integrity: We uphold high standards of professionalism, honesty, and ethical conduct.
  5. Continuous Learning: Our field is ever-evolving, and we commit to continuous learning and improvement.

3.- Standards of Behavior

  1. Constructive Communication: Communicate clearly and thoughtfully. Avoid offensive or harmful language.
  2. Acknowledgement of Contributions: Properly credit the ideas and work of others, respecting intellectual property.
  3. Professional Conduct: Maintain professionalism in all interactions. Disclose any conflicts of interest.
  4. Creating a Safe Environment: Strive to create a harassment-free environment. Report any incidents of harassment or discrimination.
  5. Collaborative Spirit: Engage in discussions constructively and accept constructive criticism.

4.- Conflict Resolution

  1. Addressing Issues: Members should first attempt to resolve disagreements among themselves in a respectful and constructive manner.
  2. Seeking Mediation: If resolution is not possible, members should seek mediation from community leaders.
  3. Reporting Mechanism: For serious conflicts or breaches of this Code, a clear reporting mechanism should be available.

5.- Enforcement

  1. Responsibility: All members are responsible for upholding this Code.
  2. Violations: Violations of this Code may result in removal from the community or other appropriate actions.
  3. Review Process: Allegations of misconduct will be evaluated by community leaders or a designated committee.

6.- Amendments and Feedback

This Code of Conduct is a living document. We welcome feedback and suggestions from all community members and will regularly review and update this document.

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