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2023 Summer events

June 29th Thursday 16:00 to 17.00 CET
Invisible design decisions at platform level that enable businesses to thrive by Pablo Bermejo.
Celebrated (recorded video coming soon)
July 20thLive session: strategic rehearsal with Wardley Maps by Chris Butler. (Recorded session).
July 20thLaunch of “Strategy Tactics. Clarity in a box
A system of frameworks, prompts and exercises that help you understand what is going on, and what to do about it.
By David Holl and Ben Mosior.

2023 May 19th event

13:00Opening Event (Recorded session)
Wardley Maps for Business starts with a key note with Simon Wardley (Twitter ) and David Anderson (Twitter ); moderated by Joaquín.
14:00Strategy for Self by Philippe Guenet. Link to a template used during the session (recorded session).
Understanding and unlocking inertia in a Fintech company by Aleix Morgadas (recorded session).
Lessons learned after 6 years Consulting with #WardleyMaps by Holger Gelhausen (recorded session).
15:00Live session: Understanding and unlocking inertia in a public bids by Stephan Sutter.
Leadership by Erik Schön (Recorded session , presentation).
Strategy and Flow by Johan Persson (recorded session).
Competitive analysis, track evolution and gameplays in a competitive landscape by Joaquín Peña Fernández
16:00Ideal Present Wardley Mapping by Ben Mosior.
Externalities by Jakob Jochmann.
Live Mapping workshop – The State of Agile by Philippe Guenet.
17:00How the new generation of AI solutions is going to impact the trust on our business by Manish Andankar (Recorded session).
Live session: strategic rehearsal with Wardley Maps by Chris Butler ( Some Slides to understand better the Recorded session (the recording started late)).
Maps: a better way to organize by Steve Purkis.

2022 September 2nd

<to be completed>